Intelligent Parking Space Management with convenient Smartphone Operation

With Book-n-Park, you can safely keep parking spaces free, conveniently open, manage, share and reserve them via App. Here, the smartphone becomes the remote control! With our digital control, you can automatically open fold-down parking barriers. Book-n-Park is retrofittable and flexible. In addition to Folding Parking Bars, we also equipped with Automatic Barriers, Bollards, Gates and Chain Systems with our Smart Control.

Parking providers can set up many practical functions intuitively and easily in our web portal. Optionally, parking spaces can also be rented out with Book-n-Park, and internet payment for contact-free payment and operation is also possible. Whether it’s a private car park, a business, a campus or a municipality. We provide perfect control from a single parking space to a large car park from a single source. For smart parking today as well as tomorrow.

How many functions do you still want?

Everyone wants to keep Parking Spaces Safe, Free and conveniently open

With the intelligent Parking-Management-System “Book-n-Park”, you can control your access conveniently via app. with one click on your smartphone, Contact-free and without getting out of the car, Without keys and wetting your feet. You can activate and manage as many users as you like. We equipped with Retractable Parking Barriers, Gates, Bollards and Chain Systems with our unique digital communication modules. You can combine all components witgh flexibility. Ideally, also for complex and multi-level access scenarios. 


Peter Parker and Carla explaining Book-n-Park Parking Brackets

We control Car Parking Barriers Digitally

Design Parking Barriers 4.0

Visually Appealing and Innovative. In the Business Environment, In the Municipality or At Home. The Folding Parking Barriers reliably blocks individual Parking Spaces. The Foldable Parking Barriers can be installed without Civil Engineering, Pipes and Building Permits. Battery-operated with XXL running time of over a year without recharging and we can control it via app.

Parking Gates 4.0

For large Car Parks and Multi-Storey Car Parks. The Book-n-Park Communication Modules can be Integrated into Existing Locking and Pay Systems, Existing Functions are retained. Suitable for Complex and Multi-Level Access Scenarios. Those who want to reserve individual Spaces combine Parking Barriers with our Design Parking Bar 4.0. and Control via app.

Parking Chain

Practical Locking Option for Accesses to Large Car Parks and for Shared, Adjacent Parking Spaces. The Chain can be Lowered into a Floor Channel. Also can Control via app.

Retractable Parking Bollards 4.0

Particularly Noble Barrier option when Strolling Pedestrians and Car Traffic meet. For Access Roads and Larger Parking Areas, Increasingly In-demand in Pedestrian Zones and Shopping Centres. Multi-level Scenarios possible for Suppliers, Residents, craftsmen, Taxis and Other Service Providers. Control via app.

Bike Box 4.0

Book-n-park is just not limited to Car Parking and now even deal with the Bike Parking for securing the bikes. The Locking/Unlocking can be control with the help of mobile phone since these bike boxes are connected to the internet.

Your Product 4.0

We can Integrate our Comfort Control into All Automatic Locking Systems. Whatever You want to Control, We will be happy to provide you with our know-how as a Cooperation Partner.


Some people also Want to Operate Existing Locking Technology Conveniently

Maximum Compatibility: We also Integrate Book-n-Park into your Locking Technology.

You miss our Convenient Operations via app on your smartphone and would like to continue using already installed Barriers, Bollard, Gates and Chain Systems? We can Retrofit almost any Automatic Locking Technology and Supplement it with our Communication Modules. For Maximum Convenience and all the benefits from the “Book-n-Park” Portal. We also upgrade Car Park Barriers so that the existing Pay System Continues to Run Without Restriction. 

Many People want to Share Flexibly Parking Spaces

(+) Plus Options in the Online Portal: Reserve Parking Spaces and Use them Multiple Times

“Book-n-Park” makes Parking Convenient and Opens up Completely New options for you: Keeping Parking Spaces Safely Free, Sharing and Using them Multiple times has never been Easier. In our online portal, You manage Users Parking Space. Whether Tenants, Neighbours, One-Time or Regular Guests, You can intuitively control who, where and how long they have Access. You generate individual E-Tickets and send by E-mail to Authorised Users. Every Selected Internet Device becomes a convenient Remote control in real time with our app. The solution for all those who want to better utilise Parking Spaces together and receive visitors – Office Communities, Doctor’s Office, Law Firms and Private Residential Complexes.

More and More Customers Live with Innovation and Rent out Parking Spaces during Free Periods

With the Book-n-Park app: Offer Parking Exchange, Rent Out and Cash up

With the Components of “Book-n-Park”, Parking Spaces can be Optionally Rented out during Non-Own Periods, Even at Short Notice. With our Reallocatable Parking Barriers individual spaces can also be controlled. The “Book-n-Park” internet portal brings together supply and demand, A kind of “Airbnb” for parking spaces. Tenants Reserve Online, Pay Contact-free, e.g. via Paypal, and receive their E-parking ticket in real time on their smartphone. One “Click” at the destination and the Parking lock opens automatically. Rental companies set their own usage times and conditions in the portal. Parking spaces can thus be used more efficiently, parking pressure in narrow city centres is relieved and parking search traffic is reduced.

Book-n-Park” also Offers the Ideal Complete Solution for Complex Access Scenarios

Tailor-made Control for Large Car Parks and “Park, Store and Ride”

We also offer individualised Control Systems for Complex and Multi-Level Access Scenarios and Car Parks of Hospitals, Campuses, Arenas, Railway Stations, Airports and Multi-Storey Car Parks. Those who want to control Cyclists, E-Scooters, Suppliers, Long-term Parkers, Emergency Services, Guests, VIP Parkers and many more in Multi-Level Access Scenarios will find the Customised complete solution. Book-n-Park” also offers tried and tested solutions for the increasing demand for “park, store and ride” in Urban Areas.

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