Reserve charging stations - optimize parking space management - organize mobility hub

With Book-n-Park you can manage, reserve and share charging infrastructure, parking spaces and access. Your smartphone becomes "open sesame".

One application, infinite possibilities for parking management

Sharing has never been so easy. Organization is needed wherever many people need access and have different permissions. Whether it's a parking space, e-charging station, bicycle box or workplace - with our web portal for parking space management, everything can be reserved, managed and conveniently used intuitively and quickly with your own smartphone.

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Manage charging infrastructure

Car at e-charging station

Simply. Book. Keep free.

With Book-n-Park, charging points can be reserved in advance. In combination with our smart parking barrier 4.0, the charging station is guaranteed to be kept free. This gives you 100% security for your planning and you increase the utilization through defined, different user groups. If desired, the convenience for the user can be increased by means of license plate recognition.

Optimize parking space management

Parking lot with few cars from above

Together. Just. Efficient.

Use intelligent parking space management and increase the average occupancy of parking spaces by 30-40%. Not only in times of hybrid work, many permanently assigned parking spaces remain free in company parking lots. With the switch to parking permits, shared use of the parking space will be more efficient and tailored to needs.

Organize mobility hubs

Big city transport hub

Park. Load. Lend. Split.

A mobility hub is a place where different means of transport and services come together. Here people come together with different means of transport, can switch to others, share them (sharing) or shop, but also use various services. A mobility chain is created with many linked possibilities.

News about Book-n-Park and smart parking space management

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With Book-n-Park solutions you are in good company

This is what our customers say about Book-n-Park

“Book-n-Park is the most efficient smart parking system I know. Bookings can be made for tenants and visitors so that they have a secure parking space upon arrival and can open it on their own smartphone. In addition to an underground car park with a barrier, I have installed 28 parking brackets from Book-n-Park on the outside to keep individual spaces free and to reserve them as needed. This fits in perfectly with our modern building concept. Tenants can also reserve and share conference rooms as needed.”
Wilfried Hüser, client & investor "Office on Campus", Dieburg
“We want to increase the efficiency, utilization and user-friendliness of our charging infrastructure with intelligent charging infrastructure and the support of Green Mobility Solutions. In the course of the MEISTER project, various reservation forms and times are to be tested, and later also the willingness of users to pay for the reservation service,"
Sabrina Schimmel, Senate Department for Environment and Transport, Berlin
“We chose Book-n-Park because the idea of ​​the parking bracket was very interesting and our own reservation system is showing its age. With GMS, we can continue to focus on our parking operations and not have to worry too much about bookings.”
Uwe Krieger, Parkhaus Adlerstrasse GmbH, Nuremberg
"In 2019, the Technical University installed 15 parking brackets on campus and had GMS equip them with the Book-n-Park reservation system. When the university parking spaces are fully occupied, there are sufficient visitor parking spaces. Controlling the parking brackets via smartphone is good for our users The brackets are robust, the batteries are easy to change and recharge. The support is also excellent."
Dr. Jürgen Brunsing, Traffic Manager Technical University of Kaiserslautern