Intelligent parking space management for optimized parking space utilization

Intelligent parking space management is essential for efficient parking space management! Improved availability of parking spaces and less traffic congestion increase the satisfaction of residents, guests and employees . searching for parking spaces are reduced, thus saving CO2 .

especially when it comes to public parking spaces and mobility hubs : With Book-n-Park you can easily adjust settings such as parking duration, parking fees, usage rights, etc. for specific target groups. Because our web portal allows you to easily assign access and parking authorizations . Users can easily reserve via their smartphone . In addition, devices such as barriers, roller shutters, bicycle boxes and locking systems as well as charging infrastructure (reserving charging stations) be easily integrated. Existing keys, tokens or chip cards can continue to be used if necessary

Of course, you can use Book-n-Park to upgrade existing parking systems to make them future-proof (retrofitting) . This makes it easier to switch to other means of transport such as bicycles, public transport, etc. The goals can also be to reduce costs through fewer parking spaces or to refinance alternative mobility offers through smartly generated parking revenue. Rely on intelligent parking space management with Book-n-Park and increase the utilization of your parking spaces by up to 30 - 40%!

Benefits of Book-n-Park as your parking management solution

Reduce costs: Optimized utilization

Whether when renting or during project planning: Save yourself the expensive maintenance of unused parking spaces with Book-n-Park. With simple management via our web portal, you can distribute parking spaces as needed and further optimize your utilization through analysis!

Satisfaction: Reserved parking spaces

Whether you are a tenant, employee, hotel guest, visitor to your university or company: a free parking space makes you more relaxed. By providing and reserving parking spaces and/or charging stations in a targeted manner, you offer real added value - which ensures satisfaction!

Climate protection: share parking space & charging station

Book-n-Park not only ensures satisfaction and cost reductions, but also protects the environment: there is no need to search for a parking space, which relieves traffic congestion and saves CO2. Less parking space is required. And with charging station reservations, more electric cars can be used per area!

Intelligent parking space management with Book-n-Park – practical examples

Successful in a wide variety of industries: whether to optimize the utilization of employee parking spaces, reduce parking costs or securely reserve parking spaces for guests and training participants - our intelligent parking space management simply helps!

Logo Condor
Parking lot with cars and trees from above

Optimization of parking space utilization

Customer: Condor Flugdienst GmbH
Industry: Airlines

Task: The allocation of employee parking spaces should be more efficient and fairer.

Solution: Management of company parking spaces via Book-n-Park. In addition to the long-term parkers, all of the 600 employees can now reserve a free parking space from the parking pool as needed.

Logo Societe Generale
Parking garage underground

30% reduction in parking costs

Customer: Société Générale Securities
Services GmbH
Sector: finance

Task: Management of employee parking spaces in a multi-storey car park with control of the barrier system and a roller shutter.

Solution: Introduction of Book-n-Park with operation of the barriers and the roller shutter using your own smartphone.

Benefit: After the introduction of Book-n-Park, 30% of the parking spaces could be saved. Not all employees are present every day or travel by car. They now divide the parking areas efficiently and plannably.

Loogo Telekom
Headquarters Telekom

Parking space sharing

Customer: Deutsche Telekom AG
Industry: Telecommunications

Task: Guests and training participants should use designated parking spaces, which are to be protected from unauthorized use. Joint reservation and management of parking spaces by various specialist departments. Integration into existing API interface.

Solution : The parking spaces were equipped with smart parking barriers and the specialist departments were given appropriate authorizations to manage and control the reservations via Book-n-Park.

Extra: All parking brackets have been given the “Telekom” branding.

Do you need an individual solution for optimal parking space management?
Write to us – together we will find a way!

Frequently asked questions about intelligent parking management with Book-n-Park

With Book-n-Park, parking spaces can be protected against unauthorized access, i.e. especially against third-party parkers. Use by authorized drivers can be limited in time. The booking, optional payment, management and release is conveniently done via smartphone or PC.

Yes. With the Book-n-Park portal you can combine ALL Book-n-Park devices with each other, ie you can let your users choose, for example, whether they book individual parking spaces or prefer to drive to a restricted area.

for free

Fixed price levels

  • Basic price: one-off price per reservation (optional)
  • Price per time unit (e.g. 1€/hour)
  • Maximum price: maximum price per reservation


Prices per flexible time unit


Parking duration 0 – 1 hour: €1
Parking duration 2 – 5 hours: €3
Parking duration 5 – 10 hours: €10

Yes. Book-n-Park provides an interface through which existing applications can open and close Book-n-Park devices. This interface can be accessed via the Internet (JSON REST API). The documentation and a test environment is provided via the portal, the prerequisite is the purchase of the WhiteLabel license.

There are the following licenses:

  • SmartRemote
  • SmartRemote+
  • SmartCampus
  • WhiteLabel

With a license you get access to the Book-n-Park portal as a reservation manager and can use it to handle your mobility management, ie depending on the license you can

  • centrally control the parking barriers (parking barriers, barriers, bollards, barrier chains,...),
  • Create reservation links for your customers (eTicket),
  • Allow reservations via the Book-n-Park portal for closed user groups (booking only possible after entering a password),
  • allow reservations through the Book-n-Park portal for all Book-n-Park users,
  • Restrict reservations by time (e.g. by day of the week, time of day, etc.),
  • deposit reservations with prices,
  • manage additional reservation managers,
  • Structure your parking areas according to local and organizational requirements.

Included in every license is:

  • Support via email or phone
  • Application hosting in German data centers
  • Processes according to GDPR
  • easy and constant provision of updates
  • Monitoring of the required communication infrastructure
  • proactive information through support in the event of a low battery level or other problems