Our smart bicycle boxes and controls for bicycle parking systems:
Security & easy management for job bikes, company bikes and Bike+Ride!

Red bike boxes and a smartphone with Book-n-Park access control GUI

The best for valuable bikes!

As a combined hardware/software solution, Book-n-Park offers you protection, sharing and flexible, future-proof access control:

  • Safe storage options – protection from wind, weather and vandalism 
  • Simple WebApp management, flexible sharing/reservation management
  • Easy operation via smartphone for happier cyclists

Bicycle garages from bike boxes to collective locking systems - for company parking lots, train stations and much more!

Secure bicycle boxes and bicycle parking facilities with added convenience: Multi-client capable and GDPR-compliant, Book-n-Park's web app offers you future-proof digital management from the company bike parking space to the mobility hub at the train station. The integration of lockers, the retrofitting of existing systems and the integration of charging stations for e-bikes are also possible. Integration into your own management software or payment models is also possible. For the cyclist, his own smartphone becomes an “open sesame”, so in the end everyone is satisfied: the expensive bicycles are comfortably protected, bicycle parking spaces can be shared and managed efficiently and you as the operator have everything under control with just a few clicks!

TU Kaiserslautern

Sharing work bicycles

Customer: Technical University of Kaiserslautern

The solution with Book-n-Park: Selected bicycle boxes were upgraded with a new electromechanical locking system (retrofitting) and integrated into Book-n-Park. All those authorized can now reserve the bicycles easily; the bicycle boxes are opened using the user's smartphone.

Logo TU Darmstadt

Parking space management for bikes & more

Customer: Technical University of Darmstadt

The solution with Book-n-Park: In addition to the management of parking spaces and bicycle boxes, barrier systems and access doors were integrated into Book-n-Park in a future-proof manner. Now the existing parking options for bicycles and cars can be conveniently operated using your own smartphone.

Local transport association_Schleswig-Holstein.svg

Municipal Bike+Ride Lower Saxony

Customer: Local Transport Association Schleswig-Holstein GmbH ( NAH.SH )

The solution with Book-n-Park: Access systems for collective bicycle locking systems will be operated in selected municipalities via Book-n-Park in the future. We supply hardware and software and take over the financial and organizational processing of the rental (including payment model). More detailed information will follow as soon as the first projects are in operation!

Do you need an individual solution for smart bicycle boxes or digitally manageable collective bicycle locking systems?
Just write to us – together we will find a way!

Frequently asked questions about using Book-n-Park with bikes

Each of our bike boxes has a digital access control that is connected both to the lock of the respective bike box and to our client-capable web portal: Authorizations and user groups are defined in the web portal, and the individual user books the desired times to store their bike using “their link”. . The user then unlocks their bike box with their own smartphone on site and the bike box lock opens under digital control.

With Book-n-Park, the owner of a job bike or company bike enjoys the comfort of a bike box that is guaranteed to be kept clear and protects their valuable bike from wind, weather and vandals. He can also reserve a time slot himself and control the bike box himself. The advantages for your company are obvious: the employee benefit of a secure bicycle box increases employee satisfaction. Costs are also saved, especially in companies with partial/flexible home offices, as easy-to-manage sharing reduces the number and space of bicycle parking options. The simple digital management is largely automatic, and in combination with Book-n-Park's parking management, a holistic parking concept with access control can be easily implemented. And our web portal also provides you with valuable analysis data for your corporate mobility management in a GDPR-compliant manner.

The standard equipment of our bicycle boxes can be supplemented at any time with additional components such as charging stations for e-bikes, etc. And of course (for an additional charge) any bike box size is also possible, e.g. B. for cargo bikes, possible. Our bicycle boxes are made in Germany, so it is possible to equip bicycle boxes exactly according to your wishes, even at short notice.

Collective locking systems offer a cost-effective way to safely store valuable bicycles - both in a company parking lot and at a mobility hub, e.g. B. at a train station with an attached commuter parking lot and bicycle parking space. Here we take care of access control and administration with hardware and software, but we do not build the collective locking systems ourselves. Of course, existing systems can also be retrofitted to make them future-proof (retrofitting). Book-n-Park works similarly for multi-use parking garages; administration and access control for all means of transport are regulated via our web portal; our hardware controls the locking mechanisms on roller shutters, barriers, doors, etc. on site.

The setup of our smart bicycle boxes consists of hardware and software: This includes delivery (but not assembly) of the bicycle boxes and the installation/wiring of the required control devices. Any foundation work and the provision of power supplies are not included. On the software side, access to our web portal is provided for you; the effort varies depending on the desired solution or integration into existing systems, administrative processes or operator apps (a practical example of this is the myAudi app). The service includes, among other things, the operation of the web portal and the necessary on-site control. This includes, for example, the self-sufficient Internet connection for the digital connection to the web portal. Expert monitoring is also part of the service.