Organize mobility hubs

Parking - charging - borrowing - sharing

A mobility hub is a place where different means of transport and services come together. A mobility hub connects the different means of transport, you can change, share, refuel/charge and use additional services. Who e.g. For example, if you switch from a car to a tram, you want a secure parking space. Cyclists welcome secure bike boxes, as well as lockers for helmets, rain jackets, etc. A charging infrastructure is also needed that meets the needs of e-bikes and e-cars equally.

Ideally, everything can be booked and managed via a central system. In practice, for example, more and more cities and municipalities mobility hubs with bike+ride systems and digital parking space management at junctions such as train stations , which can be managed centrally and reserved via app.

Book-n-Park offers you a holistic solution for managing and controlling your future-proof mobility hub!

Advantages of a central mobility hub

A well-organized mobility hub offers the opportunity to bundle all available means of transport such as local public transport, rental bicycles, e-scooters, rental cars and additional services such as lockers or bicycle boxes etc. In this way, a central mobility hub various advantages, such as:

comfortable change
between means of transport

reduced CO2 emissions

less congestion and more efficient traffic flow

no need to search for a parking space
or long walks

Easily manage your mobility hub

If the individual components of your mobility hub can be organized and reserved by users via a single app, this creates a high level of flexibility and transparency for everyone involved.

With Book-n-Park we provide you with the basic infrastructure to centrally control, manage and monitor mobility hub This includes not only parking spaces, but also charging stations for electric cars, barriers, roller shutters, doors, bicycle boxes or locking systems - without the issuance of keys, tokens or chip cards.

With Book-n-Park as the central management system for your mobility hub , you can quickly and easily assign access and parking authorizations, manage users and change settings. Reservations can be made easily via smartphone or PC. All functions can be individually adapted and combined to meet your needs.

parking spaces

bike boxes

charging stations




roller doors

parking spaces

charging stations


roller doors

bike boxes



Centrally controlled mobility hub – practical application examples

Our parking space management with Book-n-Park being used successfully at various mobility hubs

There are almost no limits to the applications!

Logo TU Darmstadt

Expanded without loss of functionality

Customer: Technical University of Darmstadt
Industry: Universities and colleges

Task: In addition to the existing management of parking spaces and bicycle boxes by Book-n-Park, barrier systems, roller shutters and access doors in the TU car parks were to be integrated into the system.

Solution : The barrier systems were expanded with GMS technology without any loss of function, as were the roller shutters. Doors were fitted with electromechanical locks and made controllable. Authorized parkers can now operate all devices centrally with their smartphones with just one booking.

Logo TU Kaiserslautern
Reserve a bike box

Share service bikes

Customer: Technical University of Kaiserslautern
Industry: Universities and colleges

Task: In addition to the management of the parking spaces, bicycle boxes for the safe storage of company bicycles at different locations should also be made accessible to a different group of people.

Solution : We retrofitted the selected bicycle boxes with an electromechanical locking system and integrated them into Book-n-Park. All authorized persons can now easily reserve and use the bicycles, the bicycle boxes are opened with the smartphone.

Funding for municipalities - Bike+Ride program of the NAH.SH
- project in development -

Customer: NAH.SH
Industry: Municipality

Task: The access system for the collective locking systems will be operated via Book-n-Park in the future.

We deliver and install the communication hardware and take care of the financial and organizational processing of the rental.
We are also the contact for the municipalities. Through our partners, we have the option of organizing individual hardware components such as bicycle boxes and locker systems.

Project DELTA - associated project partner for the realization of mobility hubs

DELTA - a project of the "Real Laboratories of the Energy Transition" initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

The Darmstadt Energy Laboratory for Applied Technologies ( DELTA) acts as a showcase for the urban energy transition to demonstrate interacting, energy- optimized districts . The DELTA real laboratory is intended to demonstrate that the technically proven potential for increasing energy efficiency and flexibility in urban districts can be implemented economically and is also socially accepted.

In the sub-project "Resource Conservation through Urban Sharing Models" Green Mobility Solutions (GMS) develops and researches energy-efficient, far-reaching IoT communication protocols for long-term control of actuators in urban environments. For simple and integrative use, a flexible administration of usage scenarios in the mobility hubs developed. This enables shared use of resources such as bicycles, parking spaces or delivery boxes. make switching from cars to bicycles, e-bikes and public transport more attractive for employees and citizens at a central mobility hub

The Darmstadt Energy Laboratory is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection with 100 million euros.

More information:

Project Delta logo

Do you need an individual solution for your sustainable mobility hub?
Write to us – together we will find a way!

Frequently asked questions about mobility hubs with Book-n-Park

With Book-n-Park, parking spaces can be protected against unauthorized access, i.e. especially against third-party parkers. Use by authorized drivers can be limited in time. The booking, optional payment, management and release is conveniently done via smartphone or PC.

Yes. With the Book-n-Park portal you can combine ALL Book-n-Park devices with each other, ie you can let your users choose, for example, whether they book individual parking spaces or prefer to drive to a restricted area.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is regularly further developed. New features are then automatically available the next time they are called up via the web browser, so that no software or app updates are necessary. Green Mobility Solutions GmbH monitors the devices (e.g. barriers, bicycle boxes, barriers) and informs the operator in the event of a failure.

for free

Fixed price levels

  • Basic price: one-off price per reservation (optional)
  • Price per time unit (e.g. 1€/hour)
  • Maximum price: maximum price per reservation


Prices per flexible time unit


Parking duration 0 – 1 hour: €1
Parking duration 2 – 5 hours: €3
Parking duration 5 – 10 hours: €10

Book-n-Park is implemented as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, ie it can be used via any internet-enabled device. The administration can be done on the desktop PC, the facility manager can control devices on site with a tablet and the travelers can book the parking spaces via smartphone, all without installing software or apps. After activation, the full functionality is immediately available. This also eliminates the need to purchase, operate and maintain your own server.

There are the following licenses:

  • SmartRemote
  • SmartRemote+
  • SmartCampus
  • WhiteLabel

With a license you get access to the Book-n-Park portal as a reservation manager and can use it to handle your mobility management, ie depending on the license you can

  • centrally control the parking barriers (parking barriers, barriers, bollards, barrier chains,...),
  • Create reservation links for your customers (eTicket),
  • Allow reservations via the Book-n-Park portal for closed user groups (booking only possible after entering a password),
  • allow reservations through the Book-n-Park portal for all Book-n-Park users,
  • Restrict reservations by time (e.g. by day of the week, time of day, etc.),
  • deposit reservations with prices,
  • manage additional reservation managers,
  • Structure your parking areas according to local and organizational requirements.

Included in every license is:

  • Support via email or phone
  • Application hosting in German data centers
  • Processes according to GDPR
  • easy and constant provision of updates
  • Monitoring of the required communication infrastructure
  • proactive information through support in the event of a low battery level or other problems