Our products for smart parking

Intelligent parking barrier 4.0

Thanks to our innovative technology and our booking and administration portal Book-n-Park, our parking barrier 4.0 becomes intelligent. The application does not run via an app, but is browser-based. This means that the parking bracket 4.0 has no direct connection to the smartphone. The smartphone sends the commands to the Book-n-Park cloud and this transmits the commands to the parking bracket 4.0. The response time is one second.

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Premium parking bar 4.0

  • Parking block for single parking spaces
  • Reservation via smartphone and desktop
  • Automatic closing after leaving the parking lot
  • Central, client-capable control of reception, hotline or facility manager possible
  • Guest control possible during booking, no installation/registration required
  • Easy installation, no laying of cables necessary
  • Notification of vandalism
  • Several years of battery life
  • Supported by solar energy

Supported modules

Many other devices can be integrated into Book-n-Park and access can be managed in the same way. Develop a mobility chain and open everything easily with your smartphone. Whether electric gates, doors, barriers, bicycle and parcel boxes, e-charging stations or common areas. Book-n-Park is the platform for shared objects – with your smartphone as an “open sesame”.


  • Access control for car parks, company car parks, customer car parks, local car parks, municipal car parks
  • Retrofitting of existing systems such as Scheidt & Bachmann, Skidata, Came, Cardin
  • Combination with intelligent parking bar 4.0 possible
  • New installation via partner possible
Reserve a bike box

Bike boxes

  • Single space solution for the safe storage of bicycles
  • Charging facility for e-bikes
  • Convenient rental of company bicycles
  • Secure bicycle storage for employees and customers
  • In combination with parking bars 4.0 to serve different mobility needs
  • Retrofitting existing systems
  • New installation via partner possible

Bicycle collective locking systems

  • Controlling access (locks) to collective bicycle locking systems
  • Inexpensive solution for safe parking of several bicycles
  • Provision of mobility stations together with intelligent parking bars 4.0 at public transport stops
  • Retrofitting existing systems
  • New installation via partner possible
Bicycle collective locking system modern
car park door

Parking garage doors

  • Access to car parks for drivers and cyclists
  • Can be coupled with existing devices (e.g. barrier).
  • Retrofitting existing doors
  • Retrofitting of existing access systems (transponder, RFID etc.) possible

Filing boxes

  • Opening compartments of luggage stations / storage boxes
  • Solution for storing, swapping or rental models
  • Retrofitting existing systems
  • New installation via partner possible
package attachment


employee parking spaces

  • Optimized utilization of company parking spaces
  • Reservation and access control for parking areas and/or individual parking spaces
  • Alternatively: App-based parking space allocation with presence control via license plate
Parking lot with few cars from above
Parking with Book-n-Park parking barriers

Customer and guest parking spaces

  • Access allocation for dedicated individual parking spaces with high parking space pressure
  • Time-limited access for guests/customers
  • Guests can use parking spaces without app registration
  • Alternatively, access can be released via the control center, reception or reception

parking garages

  • Individual access via app to parking garages for rented areas
  • Ideal for special uses such as charging stations, VIP parking, customer parking
  • Independent of existing access media such as RFID tokens, access cards
  • Central control and monitoring for facility managers
Bicycle locking system

bicycle parking facilities

  • Access allocation for employees
  • Safe and comfortable shelter
  • Individual boxes and/or bicycle cages
  • Can be combined with doors when parking facilities are set up in multi-storey car parks
  • Optional: charging option for e-bikes

Public transport stops

  • Mobility transitions for car and bicycle traffic
  • Secure reservation of individual parking spaces for commuters
  • Reservation of bicycle comfort services such as parking facilities, storage compartments or charging options for e-bikes
  • Integration in municipal citizen apps to support the mobility transition
tram stop
Children playing football on the sports field

Sports facilities

  • Access to gates and doors at sports facilities and common areas
  • Energy-efficient outdoor locks without an extra power connection
  • Time-based access for coaches, players and staff

Allotment gardens

  • Access to doors and gates in allotment gardens
  • Outdoor castles without an extra power connection
  • Time-based access for members and service providers
allotment area

WebApp for providers

Easy administration: Parking and access authorizations can be assigned in a matter of seconds, users can be managed and settings can be changed on the dashboard. Completely without keys, tokens and chip card allocation. With the dynamic software, reservations can be made conveniently on a smartphone or PC. All functions can be individually adapted and combined to meet your needs.

Reservations and Guests

Assignment and blocking of access authorizations

Allow and block access in terms of time and location using multi-client management

Guest bookings

Guests receive temporary access permission and can open access themselves

Device status and control

Live status of all devices (e.g. open/closed), control possible at any time ("digital master key")


Self-administration of payment models such as linear increase, step model, maximum fee, ...

Presence detection

Access is optionally only allowed with additional on-site presence, such as PIN entry, license plate recognition, ..

Abuse Prevention

Detecting abuse through no-show lists and license plate checks, banning users

Private use

Private access is only visible to closed user groups (e.g. employees).

Community functionality

Access to Book-n-Park can optionally be released for all users (public sharing)


Individual design with a logo on the login page and when selecting a location, your own texts in reservation emails

Multi-client management

Dynamic expansion

Locations, users and devices can be expanded at any time, no limit on the number

Everyone, Everywhere

Access via PC, tablet, smartphone possible, no need to install apps or updates

Location management

Geographical or user-specific (e.g. VIP parking spaces) division possible, employees only manage locations assigned to them


Overview of location occupancy by time and day of the week


Live status about device status (open/closed), battery level or network status

Employee management

Creation and deletion of additional employees for managing locations (substitute function)

WebApp for users


Finding and reserving access

Control access

During the reserved time, all access points can be opened or closed via the portal


Fee-based access can be paid for online immediately


All reservations are listed in the portal. For paid reservations, the invoice can be downloaded


For reservations you can have reminders sent by email or SMS

Private accesses

Private access can also be reserved if the operator (company, sports studio, etc.) allows it


The portal is available in German, English, Italian and French

Comfort Access

When approaching entrances, these open automatically, the cell phone can remain in the pocket


The servers and data are hosted in the EU. Registration is GDPR-compliant

Integration into existing mobility solutions

Your own app controls the parking bars 4.0 and other integrated devices. Easy integration into existing applications for charging infrastructure operators, access management systems or citizen portals – optimized parking space management from a single source!

API device control

Opening and closing of devices, information about device status

API Multi-Platform Reservations

Management of reservations and device control for multiple applications for one location (e.g. citizen apps)

Customer login

Integration of existing user accounts (LDAP, intranet, tenant accounts, etc.)

Communication infrastructure

The parking bracket 4.0 and its gateways are coordinated with each other, they connect automatically and log on to our portal. This requires the gateway to have a permanent Internet connection. This can be done via LAN or WLAN, if necessary also via LTE and SIM card.



  • Radio or wired control of the access devices
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Optional alternative to the company's own WLAN/LAN
  • Secure connection between gateway and backend
WiFi icon