Reserve charging stations, manage charging infrastructure efficiently

Book-n-Park's software is the universal solution for centrally managing your charging stations: it guarantees free charging times by reservation with your smartphone. This charging station sharing saves you costs because charging stations are shared sensibly - not every electric car needs its own charging station! The simple administration via web app also offers you billing security; various payment models can be implemented according to your wishes.

Charging station reservation for electric cars in combination with the parking bar 4.0

The smart parking barrier 4.0 acts as a reliable parking barrier to against unauthorized parking - together with our charging station management, a proven combination! The parking bar 4.0 is operated via smartphone and ensures satisfied employees, tenants and visitors . The trouble-free utilization of your charging stations is also guaranteed; the parking spaces can be closed to “combustion vehicles”. Of course, reserving and keeping charging stations and parking spaces available requires no chip cards or machines.

Sustainable retrofitting for your charging infrastructure and parking space management

The choice is yours: Book-n-Park offers you numerous options for uniform parking space management and  flexible access control . For future-proof retrofitting , it is of course also possible to upgrade existing charging infrastructure - Book-n-Park can be integrated without any loss of functionality. So you can e.g. B. existing transponders, RFID cards or tokens can continue to be used. The tried and tested software from Book-n-Park ensures easy integration into existing apps or software . Simply speak to our experts – we will offer you tailor-made solutions for your mobility infrastructure!

Claim Audi - Advance through technology

Zero waiting time at the charging station at AUDI charging hubs

Customer: Audi AG
Industry: Automotive

Task: Exclusive reservation and guaranteed
keeping of the charging stations free for Audi customers.

Solution: Integration of Book-n-Park into the myAudi app for making reservations in combination with the smart parking space barrier to keep the charging station free.

Extra: The
parking barriers are automatically lowered via license plate recognition.

Logo VBW
VBW parking lot with e-charging station and parking bracket

Sustainable neighborhood development

Customer: VBW
Sector: Real estate

Task: Local shop – charging stations at various locations should only be used by tenants. Integration into existing app and activation and legitimation by entering the rental agreement number.

Solution: Charging stations can be booked and reserved, the parking spaces are kept free by our smart parking lot barriers. The lessee receives the invoice for the services used from the customer.


Hamburg power grid logo
Charging station district shop Hamburg

Promote the switch to electromobility

Customer: Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH
Industry: Energy

Task: In two densely populated residential areas, the charging of electric vehicles in the immediate living or working environment should be made possible exclusively for residents without a fixed parking space or their own garage as well as tradespeople.

Solution: Book-n-Park was integrated into the existing quarters app and the charging stations are secured with smart parking barriers . Registered users can use their smartphones to check charging stations, reserve them, drive there and charge them in a relaxed manner.

Do you need an individual solution for your charging infrastructure?
Write to us – together we will find a way!

Frequently asked questions about charging station reservations with Book-n-Park

Our parking space management with Book-n-Park and our smart parking brackets are compatible with every charging station and every charging hub.

The automatically foldable parking barriers work with an autonomous power supply, ie the laying of power cables is not necessary. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable, with 4 parking processes per day the battery lasts about 1-2 years before recharging.

In the Reserved parking spaces the Reserve parking space and NEXT . After selecting the desired day, time and location, all the information is clearly displayed again. Site-specific terms of use may still need to be accepted. With a click on the button make reservation everything is done. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and the reservation will be displayed in the portal under the Reserved Pitches .

With Book-n-Park, parking spaces with charging stations can be protected against unauthorized use, i.e. especially against third-party parkers. Use by authorized drivers can be limited in time. The booking, optional payment, management and release is conveniently done via smartphone or PC.

Yes. Our offer is currently aimed primarily at corporate customers. But our license and price model also offers attractive offers for private customers. Feel free to ask for an offer via our contact form or by phone.

for free

Fixed price levels

  • Basic price: one-off price per reservation (optional)
  • Price per time unit (e.g. 1€/hour)
  • Maximum price: maximum price per reservation


Prices per flexible time unit


Parking duration 0 – 1 hour: €1
Parking duration 2 – 5 hours: €3
Parking duration 5 – 10 hours: €10