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Book-n-Park is a parking space reservation platform. The operators of the parking spaces allow the booking and thus temporary use of their parking spaces via Book-n-Park. Access to the parking spaces, such as opening parking barriers or barriers, is via Book-n-Park. No additional access cards, chips, etc. are required.

For users who want to reserve parking spaces, the use of the reservation and booking portal Book-n-Park is free of charge. There may be costs associated with reserving a parking space. However, these charges are clearly displayed before a reservation is completed.

You can register for free under Book-n-Park registration Follow the instructions. After completing registration, you can log in to the Book-n-Park login page and make a reservation immediately.

Book-n-Park is adapted for all Internet-enabled devices running an up-to-date browser. This means you can use Book-N-Park at work or at home on a desktop PC under Windows or macOS or on the go with iOS or Android tablets or smartphones.

Book-n-Park is a web app, which means it is designed for the most popular modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. An installation from an app store or separate software is not necessary, calling up the Book-n-Park login page is sufficient on all internet-enabled devices.

In the Reserved parking spaces the Reserve parking space and NEXT . After selecting the desired day, time and location, all the information is clearly displayed again. Site-specific terms of use may still need to be accepted. With a click on the button make reservation everything is done. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and the reservation will be displayed in the portal under the Reserved Pitches .

My Reservations menu item, find the reservation that is closest to your reservation in terms of time or location. A new reservation is created Repeat column Before you finish, you can adjust all parameters accordingly.

During the reserved time, you can release the booked parking space for driving yourself, eg open the barrier or lower the parking barrier. If you are in front of the blockage, you have two options for opening the driveway:

  1. In the portal under the menu item Reserved parking spaces , click on the Open button on your reservation card.
  2. There is a link in the reservation email. By calling up the link you will also see a reservation map. From there, click Open .

After a maximum of 2 seconds, the barrier or the parking bracket should open the driveway.

Yes. Reserve your desired parking space. After that you can send your friend/guest/customer the reservation link via email, SMS or Messenger. With this link, the parking space can be activated without the invitee having to register with Book-n-Park or install an app.

You can find the reservation link in your reservation confirmation email.

You can have your confirmation email resent to you:

In the Reserved parking spaces , select the extra menu (the 3 lines at the top right) when making your reservation on the reservation card. By clicking on Send confirmation again you will receive your confirmation email again.

If you have passed on your reservation link, this person can open the pitch for you. Now all you have to do is tell this person that you are in front of the parking space.

The parking barrier automatically recognizes when you leave the parking space and closes the parking barrier. Don't worry, if you just maneuver, you have enough time - it will only close after about 1 minute. During your reserved time, you can open the parking lot barrier again at any time using the app on your smartphone.

Try to book a follow-up reservation via the portal. If your parking space is occupied, please let support know before the end of the parking time so that subsequent reservations can be informed. Lt. A penalty fee may apply.

You can see all your reservations in the My Reservations To view expired reservations, turn ON Past For each paid reservation, you can download your invoice by clicking on the icon in the Receipt .

Some pitches are only visible to closed user groups, e.g. B. Employee parking spaces of companies or customer parking spaces of doctor's or lawyer's offices. In order for you to be able to book these, you must receive an access code from the operator. After entering the access code ( Private locations ), the desired parking space will also appear in the location list.

The operators of the parking spaces can decide whether their parking spaces can be booked by all Book-n-Park users or only by closed/private user groups, such as their own employees or customers. If you belong to a private user group, you will receive an access code from the operator. After entering the access code in the Private locations , you can book the parking spaces activated by the access code.

As a web app, Book-n-Park has the advantage that you don't have to install an app, but the application is operated very much like an app. To save Book-n-Park as an icon on your smartphone desktop, log in to the Book-n-Park login page and save this page as an icon. Follow the instructions for your operating system:

When you click on your reservation in the Book-n-Park web portal, a menu with two tabs opens. Click here on the right tab “Details”, here you will find the red button to cancel your reservation.

forgot password button on the login page . You will receive an email with a link. After calling up the link, you have the option of resetting your password.

After termination, all your user and reservation data deleted . Any existing credit will be paid out to you. You should save invoices beforehand. If you register again, no old data will be available.

parking operator

With Book-n-Park, parking spaces can be protected against unauthorized access, i.e. especially against third-party parkers. Use by authorized drivers can be limited in time. The booking, optional payment, management and release is conveniently done via smartphone or PC.

Book-n-Park offers several features that differentiate the solution from competitors:

  • The running time of the automatic parking barrier is very long, the battery only has to be recharged after approx. 1 year.
  • The control can not only be carried out by the driver after the reservation with his smartphone, but also centrally by the operator. This allows usage scenarios to be implemented by hotline, reception or support.
  • Book-n-Park is modularly expandable and offers an all-inclusive solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the operator's processes: the operator does not have to install any software of his own, no online payment processes (such as Paypal) and updates are automatically available browsers available.

There are the following licenses:

  • SmartRemote
  • SmartRemote+
  • SmartCampus
  • WhiteLabel

With a license you get access to the Book-n-Park portal as a reservation manager and can use it to handle your mobility management, i.e. depending on the license you can:

  • Control the parking lot barriers (parking barriers, barriers, bollards, barrier chains, ...) centrally,
  • Create reservation links for your customers (eTicket),
  • Allow reservations via the Book-n-Park portal for closed user groups (booking only possible after entering a password),
  • allow reservations through the Book-n-Park portal for all Book-n-Park users,
  • Restrict reservations by time (e.g. by day of the week, time of day, etc.),
  • deposit reservations with prices,
  • manage additional reservation managers,
  • Structure your parking areas according to local and organizational requirements

Included in every license is:

  • Support via email or phone
  • Application hosting in German data centers
  • Processes according to GDPR
  • easy and constant provision of updates
  • Monitoring of the required communication infrastructure
  • proactive information through support in the event of a low battery level or other problems

You need SmartCampus if one of the following criteria applies to you:

  • Temporary limitation of reservations (e.g. only on weekdays or only from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Payment options (e.g. PayPal)
  • Restriction of reservations to e-mail addresses (e.g. only own employees with company address) or license plate number as mandatory information
  • Overview of parking space occupancy
  • Assignment of parking spaces to multiple locations
  • Assignment of parking space management to several internal departments

companies with own use

  • Parking spaces are spread over several locations
  • Responsibility for parking spaces is distributed across several departments (e.g. customer and GF parking spaces)
  • Time restrictions on booking options (e.g. employees are only allowed to work on weekdays)

Companies with external use

  • Guests/customers can book themselves (e.g. for events or patients from practices, guests from hotels, park-and-ride areas, etc.)
  • Booking only against payment (e.g. parking spaces may be booked outside of business hours by citizens, multi-storey car park)

The SmartRemote+ contains all functions of SmartRemote. You can also make reservations for your parking spaces (eTicket). You can send these eTickets, which contain a time-limited use of your parking space, to friends, guests, customers, etc. The owner of the eTicket can then use their smartphone to release the parking space without being registered with Book-n-Park.

With SmartRemote+, all usage scenarios of SmartRemote can be implemented. In addition, reservations can be made. This allows customers, guests or friends to have limited access to the parking spaces. This is interesting for the allocation of parking spaces in addition to the allocation of appointments in law firms, medical practices, hospitals, banks and all companies with customer parking spaces in locations with high parking pressure.

The WhiteLabel license provides an interface to control the Book-n-Park parking barriers such as parking barriers, barriers or bollards. This interface is addressed via a JSON REST API. The current status of the parking space (vacant, car parked, barrier up) can also be called up for the parking barrier.

With WhiteLabel, your existing apps or applications can control Book-n-Park devices. This can be a citizens' app that supports local shops and also books parking spaces when shopping, a visitor management application that manages visitor cards, rooms and then visitor parking spaces, or a booking app for electronics -Charging stations, where the parking space is then reserved for the period of the charging process. Your application receives information about the status of the parking space (free, occupied, blocked) via the interface and can also open the parking space barrier.

SmartRemote is the entry-level license. This allows you to open or close any number of parking barriers at one To do this, you must log in to the portal as a user. The number of users is not limited. You can invite new users and also delete them for your location. It is not possible to reserve your parking spaces via the Book-n-Park portal

With SmartRemote, a group of people can use a location with several parking spaces together. All users can open or close all parking spaces. This is interesting for parking spaces in front of residential and commercial properties, small companies such as law firms, medical practices or families. A selected user can invite other users to use and remove them again.

The employees of the parking facility operator log into the Book-n-Park portal with the user role Reservation Manager . Depending on the license model, you have access to functions for managing parking space closures and users.

Depending on the license model, a reservation manager manages the parking space blocks and users. Specifically, this includes:

  • Master key: opening and closing of all parking space locks assigned to it, also remotely from the workplace or on the go
  • Overview of all reservations
  • Manage the reservation possibilities for its parking areas
  • Invite and delete additional reservation managers

The functions are only possible for the parking areas assigned to it.

Yes. As a reservation manager, you have access to your devices at all times. You can open or close all your devices at any time via the SmartRemote menu This function is like a virtual master key.

Yes. Our offer is currently aimed primarily at corporate customers. But our license and price model also offers attractive offers for private customers. Feel free to ask for an offer via our contact form or by telephone.

Yes. With the Book-n-Park portal you can combine ALL Book-n-Park devices with each other, ie you can let your users choose, for example, whether they book individual parking spaces or prefer to drive to a restricted area.

Your devices, your locations and your departments are listed in the SmartRemote You can also open and close each of your devices under this menu item.

SmartCampus license : In the Reservations menu item, you can see an overview of all reservations at your location, including the start and end of the reservation. With the filter above the display, you can display the reservations in such a way that you only see current and future reservations, for example.

Create (as host, secretary, reception, ...) a reservation for the planned time and location.
Send the reservation link (eTicket) to your guests. They can then open and enter the parking space directly during the reserved time. The eTicket works in any browser-based device without registering with Book-n-Park. You can find the eTicket in your confirmation e-mail for your reservation or in the portal under the menu item Reserved pitches->Reservation card->Extra menu (top right/3 lines)->Invitation

That works. When releasing parking spaces for booking in the portal, you can visibility . Private means that only users see the parking spaces in the portal to whom you have sent a self-created access code:
Menu item Access times->Step 1-> Visibility: Private and access code

enter the access code under the Private locations

When releasing parking spaces for booking in the portal, you can restrict the weekdays that are allowed for the reservation: menu item Access times->Step 2-> Weekdays

Yes. When releasing parking spaces for booking in the portal, you can restrict the times that are allowed for the reservation:
Menu item Access times->Step 2-> Set start and end time

Yes. When releasing parking spaces for booking in the portal, you can limit the maximum booking duration that is allowed for the reservation:
Menu item access times->Step 2->max. reservation duration

Book-n-Park takes care of all the billing for you. Drivers pay for paid parking spaces online via PayPal. At the end of the month you will receive a transfer to an IBAN account including an overview of the individual bookings. Cancellation of reservations and payment processing with the driver is also handled by Book-n-Park.

A reservation manager can use the “Reservations” menu to block users who violate park rules. The user will be informed of the exclusion and will be shown contact details (email and/or telephone number) that they can contact for readmission.

The pricing is entirely up to you. You can determine the prices for your parking spaces yourself and change them at any time via Access times->Step 3-> Prices Changed prices only apply to future reservations, reservations already made (also for the future) will be billed according to the price model that was valid at the time of reservation.

for free

Fixed price levels

  • Basic price: one-off price per reservation (optional)
  • Price per time unit (e.g. 1€/hour)
  • Maximum price: maximum price per reservation


Prices per flexible time unit


Parking time 0-1 hour: €1
Parking time 2-5 hours: €3
Parking time 5-10 hours: €10

Yes. Book-n-Park provides an interface through which existing applications can open and close the Book-n-Park devices. This interface can be accessed via the Internet (JSON REST API). The documentation and a test environment is provided via the portal, the prerequisite is the purchase of the WhiteLabel license.

Order / Installation / Operation

No. The Book-n-Park hardware and software is scalable from one parking space to locations distributed throughout Europe. You can start small and flexibly adapt the solution to your requirements.

An overview of the supported devices can be found on the Book-n-Park homepage. There are solutions for individual parking spaces (e.g. parking brackets) and for parking areas (e.g. barriers, bollards, barrier chains).

No. The parking bars are controlled via an IoT radio protocol that bridges longer ranges than WLAN or Bluetooth. Depending on conditions, a Book-n-Park gateway may need to be set up nearby, which then provides access to the internet.

Depending on the surface, experienced installers assemble a parking bracket in 15-45 minutes. The connection of the parking bar to the Book-n-Park portal is automatic, ie the parking bar is available in the portal approx. 2 minutes after the installation is complete.

The automatically foldable parking barriers work with an autonomous power supply, ie the laying of power cables is not necessary. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable, with four parking processes per day the battery lasts about 1-2 years before recharging.

The running time refers to the battery-powered devices, i.e. above all to the parking bracket. This has been optimized in such a way that it lasts at least a year without recharging the battery (with around four parking processes per day).

Yes. The parking brackets are intended for retrofitting on existing parking spaces to allow efficient use of the scarce parking spaces. Attachment depends on the subsurface; if the subsurface is solid, fixing with four dowels is sufficient.

One is the parking bracket itself, which communicates with a Book-n-Park gateway. The Gatewy requires electricity (230V) and Internet access via LAN, WLAN or a managed router that can be supplied. It is controlled via the Book-n-Park portal , accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC. A Book-n-Park license (Software-as-a-Service) is required to manage the parking barriers. It is not necessary to purchase your own computer or install software.

The running time refers to the battery-powered devices, i.e. above all to the parking bracket. This has been optimized in such a way that it lasts at least a year without recharging the battery (with around four parking processes per day).

A designated contact person receives information from support that the battery voltage is low. The battery should then either be charged in the near future or replaced with a pre-charged replacement battery. An exchange takes about 2 minutes and can be done by people without prior knowledge. The batteries are compatible between the devices, so that a removed battery can be charged in peace and installed as a spare battery the next time it is replaced.

Book-n-Park is implemented as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, ie it can be used via any internet-enabled device. The administration can be done on the desktop PC, the facility manager can control devices on site with a tablet and the travelers can book the parking spaces via smartphone, all without installing software or apps. After activation, the full functionality is immediately available. This also eliminates the need to purchase, operate and maintain your own server.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is regularly further developed. New features are then automatically available the next time they are called up via the web browser, so that no software or app updates are necessary. Green Mobility Solutions GmbH monitors the devices (e.g. barriers, bicycle boxes, barriers) and informs the operator in the event of a failure.