Digital access control for your mobility infrastructure

Time-saving solutions from parking bars and barriers to bicycle boxes and e-charging stations

Mobility infrastructure at colleges and universities often suffers from the multitude of different requirements. Whether holistically or for sub-areas from charging infrastructure to parking space management, Book-n-Park offers you flexible and time-saving access control to simplify things: parking spaces that are kept free with our smart parking bar 4.0. Multifunctional parking garages and mobility hubs that save parking space. Bicycle boxes and bicycle locking systems with optimized utilization. Charging stations that charge more electric cars thanks to sharing and reservations. Timely, needs-based authorization allocation. With Book-n-Park, access control as part of the mobility infrastructure at universities can be conveniently managed via a web portal and easily controlled by the user via smartphone!

Turning old into future-proof: retrofitting mobility infrastructure at colleges and universities

Whether restructuring available parking space, simplifying complicated access control or upgrading charging station spaces and bicycle locking systems - often only parts of the existing mobility infrastructure at colleges or universities need to be made future-proof. Book-n-Park can help you easily here: Existing installations can be easily upgraded or supplemented; Book-n-Park can also be integrated into existing digital systems with tokens or chip cards. We offer you tailor-made retrofitting for every situation!

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Parking space optimization

Smart parking in the TUD parking garage

Since August 2023, residents or visitors have also been able to reserve and pay for one of the 476 parking spaces online in the new Lichtwiese parking garage. As part of the parking space restructuring, the loss of street parking spaces was compensated for through efficient parking space management. We ensure holistic access control from the smart barrier to the bicycle-friendly access door - in addition, over 100 parking spaces on the TU Darmstadt campus are securely reserved and kept free with our smart parking bar 4.0!  

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Company bikes to share

Flexible mobility for cyclists

In order to promote sustainable mobility and meet the needs of employees/lecturers, the TU Kaiserslautern offers company bicycles at various locations. We converted the associated bicycle boxes with an electromechanical locking system (retrofit) and integrated them into Book-n-Park. Now everyone who is eligible can easily reserve and use a company bike; the bike boxes can be opened using Book-n-Park via smartphone. In this way, flexible mobility on campus is promoted and ensured as needed.

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The mobility hub of the future

Research for urban mobility

As an associated partner of DELTA, the Darmstadt energy laboratory for applied technologies, we are actively shaping the urban energy transition. In this project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, “approaches are examined to conserve resources, increase the quality of life and strengthen cooperation in the energy transition society.” Green Mobility Solutions uses findings from DELTA to design holistic and sustainable sharing solutions. Solutions – we would be happy to help you design your mobility hub!

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Frequently asked questions about using Book-n-Park at universities

With Book-n-Park you can simplify your access management in the area of ​​mobility and easily manage access authorizations. Thanks to the simple user operation via smartphone, less work is required and user groups such as professors etc. can be controlled as needed. Complicated and expensive token/RFID systems can also be replaced or supplemented or non-digital parking systems can be upgraded. This optimization achieves higher utilization and therefore requires less parking space. Existing infrastructure such as charging stations can also be better utilized and thus made accessible to more users. All-in-one access control for parking garages or mobility hubs including booking and payment is also possible with Book-n-Park. This also makes it easier for you to structure your parking areas according to local and organizational requirements. And of course, bicycle boxes can also be controlled and integrated into the overall system for more sustainable mobility.

Everything that requires access control as part of your mobility infrastructure: parking barriers, parking bars, bicycle boxes, collective locking systems, roller doors, lockers, access to charging stations and common areas, etc.

Book-n-Park's basic service includes:

  • Setting up an individual client on our platform
  • A protected admin area as a reservation manager for administration
  • Book-n-Park installation-free as “Software as a Service” (SaaS)
  • Support via email or phone
  • Application hosting in German data centers
  • Processes according to GDPR
  • easy and constant provision of updates
  • Monitoring of the required communication infrastructure


Depending on the desired scope of services, the following are possible:

  • Tailor-made parking barriers like our smart parking barrier 4.0 with solar power
  • Implementation of electronic payment functions or messenger services
  • Integration of existing access/locking systems (e.g. with RFID, tokens, etc.) into the Book-n-Park platform
  • Retrofitting of existing access systems such as parking barriers etc. with our communication module developed in Germany
  • Optional integration into interface systems for license plate recognition or display

For reserved individual parking spaces or secure charging station sharing, we recommend using our smart parking bar 4.0 - it is optimized for use together with the Book-n-Park software, is solar/battery powered and thus ensures that the hardware is also guaranteed to keep it free . Of course, any existing or desired parking barrier can also be retrofitted and controlled with Book-n-Park.

Our experienced development team has already carried out a large number of system integrations. The basis for integration into existing software/system is an interface that is addressed via JSON REST API.