Reflection on Electromobility Day: The three most common topics of conversation of the day in summary

Darmstadt, May 6th, 2024 – We take a look back at the Darmstadt Electromobility Day on April 28th. – a lovely day all around with lots of interesting conversations. Darmstadt is unlikely to be an exceptional case, so we have summarized the three most common topics of conversation for you here.

Confusing diversity in inner-city charging infrastructure

We had numerous conversations with owners of electric cars, and the tenor was mostly the same: the urban charging infrastructure (unless it was intended as a neighborhood solution) still lacks small-scale solutions. Homeowners usually have their own wallbox, but there are (still too few) public charging stations available for renters - and these charging stations cannot be reserved, and there is no structured charging station sharing. Charging points blocked by “combustors” are a common problem; uniform management of the charging infrastructure is extremely difficult due to the large number of parallel approaches and facilities. The e-bike owners we spoke to naturally have fewer problems due to smaller vehicles and replaceable batteries.

The German network for electric cars and electric trucks

There was also a lot of happy talk among the exhibitors present - here was a focus of the conversation: The German network is currently making great progress, but the management of the charging infrastructure is not yet running smoothly everywhere - especially since the number of electricity-powered trucks is increasing rapidly and thus the development of a nationwide truck charging network necessary! Whether and how the two networks could be merged remains questionable. The space required for charging stations, for example directly on motorways, causes additional problems. Skillful control of charging station sharing would be a promising component for the future; Book-n-Park is predestined for this.

Parking space management as a necessity for companies

One point that also came up again and again was the inner-city parking space situation - small local businesses in particular, such as butchers, bakers, etc., suffer from the lack of parking spaces. Because without parking space management, your free parking spaces will be filled up in no time, despite all the signage. With our smart parking bars, we can easily remedy this situation. Several business owners were very interested in Book-n-Park's access control in discussions - we are excited about future developments!