Smart sharing, quality of stay and supercars – the new Audi charging hub in the noble, classic city of Frankfurt

The opening of the new Audi charging hub last week was a real highlight - especially the technical discussions were extremely interesting. As a small service, we summarize the most important topics and theses of this interesting evening here:

Smart sharing & environmentally friendly charging

The concept of the Audi battery storage system is a real model: mass storage units made from old batteries are filled up from the normal power grid (or via the solar system on the roof) and pass on the electricity via fast charging stations - an “electric filling station” cannot be much more environmentally friendly . In addition, Audi charging hubs are “open for all”; every electric car owner can charge here. Of course, you offer your own customers a premium convenience benefit: Book-n-Park has been integrated into the Audi app to reserve charging time and the charging station is kept free by one of our smart parking bars 4.0.

Premium vs. dumping – the current development of e-mobility

Despite all the hype about cheap electric cars from China, it is often overlooked that the market is conquered at any price. “Bait prices” will not be sustainable in the long term. Manufacturers like Tesla respond with massive price cuts, but they take themselves out of the game - for example with large car rental companies, because the resale value drops drastically. Audi remains true to its premium segment: 12% registered electric cars and a long-term innovation strategy will continue to stand up to the competition in the future. We heard several times about investment sums in the billions.

Quality of stay & accessibility

Accessibility is becoming increasingly important: With plenty of space per car, a charging arm that can be operated with one hand and height-adjustable terminals, the Frankfurt Charging Hub from Audi is ideally positioned! Finally, our favorite word of the evening, “quality of stay”: Charging an electric car at a fast charging station also takes a little longer than “normal refueling”. That's why Audi offers quality of stay: Charging hubs like Nuremberg have a comfortable customer lounge with access control from Book-n-Park. Audi has selected an experience location for Frankfurt: The noble, classic city of Frankfurt captivates more than 350,000 visitors every year with fantastic cars from retro vintage cars to supercars! This way you can enjoy your charging time spectacularly - we were thrilled by the expert tour of the classical city of Frankfurt and have therefore put together a small picture gallery for you.